TU Exam Routine 3 Yrs BBS 3rd Year 2075

Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for TU 3 yrs BBS 3rd year 2075. Office of exam controller Tribhuvan University has published exam routine for BBS. You can download the exam routine from here. Exam starts on Jestha 11 and ends on Jestha 22.

Date: 2075-02-11
Subjects::Mgt.311-Account for Buss/Mgt.321-Corporate fin/Mgt331 Fun. Of Adv/ Mgt341 Fun.of Org.Bev/Mgt.351 Comp.Sys & prog

Date: 2075-02-14
Subjects: Mgt.314 Accounting for Financial Institutions/Mgt 324 Banking & ins./fundamentals of Service marketing 334/Mgt.344.Mgmt.of ind.Relatons/Mgt.354 Operation Research

 Date: 2075-02-17
Sectorial Area
Mgt.401 Tourism Mgt./Mgt.402 Rural Dev. & Cooperative Mgt./403 Hotel mgt./Mgt 404 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt./Mgt.405 transport Mgt/Mgt.406 Project Mgt./Mt.407 Foreign Trade &Transit Mgt.

Date: 2075-02-20
Subjects:Mgt.312-Taxation in Nepal/Mgt.322 Fund.of Fin. Inst & Mkt./Mgt.332 distribution Mgt./Mgt.342 International Business/Mgt.352 management informati on System

Date: 2075-02-22
Subjects:Mgt.313 Aud/Mgt.323 Fund.of Invt./ Mgt.333 Fund.of Selling/Mgt.343 Fund.of Strategic Mgmt/Mgt.353 Productivity Mgmt

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