Bpkihs admission open on DM, PHD, MD, MS, MDS, MSC,MPH

NOTICE FOR ADMISSION in BP Koirala institute of health science for  2018 Session (Date of Publication 27th April 2018) The college provides different programs like, DM, PhD, MD/ MS,... Read more »

NEB subject codes Grade 11 12

National Examination Board (NEB) has offered numbers of subjects in Grade 11 and Grade 12. Students get to choose the subjects they want to study based on the faculty... Read more »

SEE 2075 Model Questions Test Questions Practice Questions

SEE model question is out. SEE model questions for 2075 2075 is ready for students. Students can practice Model questions for their SEE examination. SEE test questions 2075 2075... Read more »

NEB National Examinations Board District offices

With education policies being revised along with amendment of new constitution, some major transformations have been seen in the education and the school system in Nepal. HSEB (Higher Secondary... Read more »

NEB Grade SLC Grade Requirement in NEB

SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination has now been officially transformed into SEE (Secondary Education Examination). Grade 11 and Grade 12 have also been brought into secondary level education. Recently,... Read more »

Monkey inside Tribhuvan International airport

We heard about monkies inside Tribhuvan International airport. This time we have a photo that proves it. Niraj Dhakal captured the photo of monkey inside the departure hall of... Read more »

Best Nepali Books to Read – Download or Buy online Nepali Books

This maybe the least talk about subject and many people doesn’t seem to talk much about it. So we are here to share the love. #GivemorelovetoNepaliLiterature. Basically this article... Read more »

Prakash Dahal Died, Son of Prachanda Died

Son of Prachanda, Prakash Dahal is dead. According to the family member of Pakash Dahal, Prakash died on Sunday Morning in Norvik Hospital. The confirmation has not been officially... Read more »

How to use Bigo App Download Bigo App Free Call

Bigo is in trend lately. In short time, it has gathered huge reputation. It has been one of the most popular broadcasting apps on the mobile platform. With this... Read more »

National Examinations Board Nepal

National Examinations Board Nepal, also known as NEB, is the board which is responsible for conducting examinations of class XI and XII as well as class 10 in Nepal.... Read more »

DASHAIN TIME 2075 Dashai Tika Time 2075

Dashain tika time 2075 has been fixed. Dashain time 2075 is out. Dashain is one of the longest festival celebrated by each and every individual Nepalese of different caste,... Read more »

Nepal Economy – Economic Development of Nepal

We talk about Nepal economy and Nepal economic status in this article. We will read the economic development of Nepal. Nepal is one of the land locked country as... Read more »

GorkhaPatra Daily Newspaper Online – www gorkhapatraonline com

Gorkhapatra daily newspaper is one of the oldest daily newspaper. Gorkhapatra is available online and is called Gorkhapatra Online. It is published from Kathmandu which have been providing news... Read more »

Nepal Budget 2075 2076 2018 2019

Nepal budget 2075 2075 2018 2018 is of 10 trillion 51 billion. Nepal budget 2075 has the following unique features. Nepal budget 2075 2075 The families of martyrs and... Read more »