Unlimited Internet in Nepal at 200 only

Reason is No costumers. Recently Nepal Telecom has announced its unlimited internet service on Dial Up Internet Connection at only 200/- per month. As WiMax, Different fast Internet services has already came in market with around 1000 rupees per month, NTC has decided to reduced the price of Dial up internet connection to only 200 rupees.

Nowadays, There are rare costumers using dial up internet. Dial up internet needs your landline phone, dia up interntmakes land line phone busy even charges for each minute.

New update:

Nowadays  Internet has become a necessity of every household and each family member in their daily life. Internet is a virtual library for students which enables them to complete their assignments on time. Similarly it brings families together who are living thousands of miles apart. Father and mother can see and talk to their sons, daughters and relatives who are scattered across the globe. In addition to that, we all know that the Internet provides access to incredible source of knowledge. It is also an effective tool of social networking and entertainment to people of all age groups. Where as, it has always been a big challenge for service providers to provide affordable broadband service to the Nepalese consumer market despite of huge demand.

Recently Websurfer has come up with a very suitable solution for Nepalese market, which makes broadband Internet not only accessible but also affordable to individual with any income level. Websurfer has named this technology or product as “Wireless DSL” which doesn’t require telephone line as ADSL broadband .



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