NEA Vacancy for Engineer

Vacancy for Engineer in NEA

NEA नेपाल बिधुत प्राधिकारणमा आज धेरैको सन्ख्यामा ईन्जिनियर हरु माग गरिएको छ ।
नेपाल बिधुत प्राधिकारण:

NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority) is searching for engineers for following posts.

electrical engineer -138 (खुल्ला र समबेशी सहित)civil engineer -48 (खुल्ला र समबेशी सहित)
mechanical engineer -12 (खुल्ला र समबेशी सहित)
computer engineer -6 (खुल्ला र समबेशी सहित)

Full Details with description of vacancy in NEA


Another Vacancy notice by NEA

nea vacancyTo download vacancy notice, click on above image.

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