Volcano eruption in Rasuwa (Update)

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Its December 20, and a volcano eruption has taken place at the area of Mt Langtang. There was a sudden explosion with smoke and flames at the area.

Location of Volcano Eruption in Nepal:

Mount Langtang

Time: around10 am

Rasuwa district

Nearest village: The village of Linling Sherpa Gaun (It lies at a distance of a day´s walk from the area where volcano eruption took place).

It is said that, Nepal Army helicopter has been sent to find details about the incident.

New update:

Volcano eruption took place in Rasuwa Nepal – There has been sudden smokes, flames and lowing of eruptions in Rasuwa District of Nepal.

It might be the sign of end of the world as expected or as predicted by NASA to be some changes in the places after December Midst .

Mount Langtang is one of the natural landscape in Rasuwa district of Nepal , And, the volcano took place in the same place , near around 10 AM , periphery of village of Linling Sherpa Gaun .

Further , more Nepali Army helicopter had watched the place after the news of volcanic eruption in Rasuwa district of Nepal .

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