What After SLC? How to choose college?

SLC Result is out and its a time to students to select the colleges for further studies. Now, SLC passed students should make a vision and ambition for career. The first thing for students is their interest. Its a well known fact that the if interest and education meets, you can achieve success earlier.

What after SLC?

The first thing you need to do after SLC is to feel your heart to learn your interest. You have few options now either to select science or management for good career. Some students feel science as burden. You can get onto the management if you feel so. Talking about myself, I was interested in engineering / Information Technology and i used to feel burden on accounts. I am happy I to choose science after my SLC. After completion of Science, i had a path to choose engineering and I am an Electrical engineer now.

Likewise, SLC is a gate to choose your future. Although you can choose few paths right now. You need to choose the subject on which you are interested.

There used to be saying during our time around 10 years before. After completing SLC and we were looking after colleges. Old generation people used to hang our mind telling that “Chori Bigrey Nurse, Chora Bigrey Commerce”. Its a total wrong saying. The scope of Nursing, managerial subject is huge. Students can make their career strong where ever they want. The important thing is interest which a student need to have.

after slc

How to choose college?

Its a tough matter on choosing colleges. Dedicated study oriented students choose for best colleges in the town and prepare for the entrance examination. Few students wish to have their life like a free bird after their SLC and look after colleges which are less strict. You are just fifteen sixteen years old, so you need to be dedicated on studies. Its not the time to loose the discipline as well as education.

Choosing a college is although the tough matter. Many students look after their company to join college together. Its not a problem on it. But good selection of colleges is needed after SLC.

Here are few tips on choosing colleges after slc.

  • Choose colleges having good plus two results.
  • Choose colleges which have good reputation on discipline
  • See name of teachers who are teaching there and gather few knowledge on teachers. you can ask with seniors in this matter.
  • See College tuition fees. Colleges having high college fees can not be always said as pretty good. Colleges having mild fee are also the best. See your financial status too before selecting colleges.

GPA needed after SEE Result to join colleges

  • To study science, 2.0 GPA is needed along with Grade C+ in Maths and Science and at least D+ on English, Nepali and Social Studies.
  • To study Management, 1.6 GPA is needed along with at least D+ on English, Nepali, Maths and Social Studies.
  • To study Humanities and Education, 1.6 GPA is needed along with at least D+ on English, Nepali, and Social Studies.
  • To study Diploma Health, 2 GPA is needed along with at least C+ on Maths, English, and Science.
  • To study Diploma Engineering, at least C is needed in Maths and Science and D+ in English.
  • To study Agriculture, at least D+ is needed any one of subjects: English, Maths and science.

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