What Not To Do in Dashain?

Dashain is very near. There are something that you should not do in Dashain festival. Please make sure you do not do these things in Dashain, else you will regret later.
things not to do in dashain

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Things not to do in Dashain

  1. Drinking

When celebration comes drinking is must. People can’t stop to get wasted as liquor is so called the main source of enjoyment. Where it’s all fun and good people over abuse the liquor creating a chaos. Not only the toxic people will create unpleasant environment but also can be prone to drink and drive accidents and other accidents. As they say the most sales of liquor are said to be on Dashain so is the most admitted patients in emergency. So everybody let’s all have a blast and best to stay safe and make everybody happy.

  1. Over Spending

Shopping!! Well honestly my favorite part. I bet it’s not just mine because the shopping centers, roads and market gets so crowded that it’s hard to walk without bumping into anyone. When the shopping starts it’s so hard to stop because of the overwhelming varieties and huge discounts and sales everywhere. Trust me it’s so easy to spend money that you’ll be out of our budget just with a blink of an eye. So I recommend to make a list prior and only get what you need and limit your budget and amount you buy so that you’ll not feel salty and stressed in Dashain over the money you spent.

  1. Gambling

This is a tradition that has passed down through our ancestors and well there are not much good things that I’ve heard about it. It’s either go big or go home. Either you hit the jackpot or lose everything. And the egoistic victims mostly toxicities will be willing to keep just anything on bet. Playing cards is a great way to bond and spend time  and have fun but it just goes to such extend that people will lose huge amount of money not even go on debts. Let’s just keep it fun and good and the bets should either be nothing at all but in order to spice it up and make it competitive, the least amount of bet is advised. But I suggest not to involve in any of gambling, save your money and yourself.

  1. Security and safety.

This festival is the perfect excuse to bond, go for vacations, meet relatives and also we all have that one relatives that we only meet once a year and this is that occasion. Well people are always on their toe having to visit so many places for tika and it’s so overwhelming. It is a tradition and tika is very important culture so no member in family misses it. Also perfect excuse for robbers to break in when you have so many cash, golds and other expensive stuff laying around the house. It’s a jackpot. So everybody try to have someone stay while you’re gone, invest in good locks and security and hide your important valuable belongings and also pet are awesome I love dogs and they will save your day when you’re gone. So how about thinking to have an additional furry member in your household for this only reason?

  1. Overeating

Why do every time Dashain comes I end up gaining weight and it leaves me salty as al of my hard work on losing weight and being healthy. All those workouts goes in shame. All because it’s literally feast every day for like 10days. This is very unhealthy for the amount of calories intake and can result to many diseases so please everyone, even though it’s really hard and seems almost impossible try to be on check for what you’re consuming and try skipping meals if you’re really not hungry.

So here are thing that you should not do, and if you do it try to be in charge n take control. Have fun and have safe Dashain.

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