What to do after NEB Examination?

In student life, there often comes situation when you have to take decisions for the future. One of such situations is after HSEB exam when the students keep asking themselves what to do after NEB examination. If you are the student who has just taken NEB exam, then this post is for you. This post will help you to understand the situation and take a right decision at that right time.

Let me ask you first. What did you do after SLC examination? What did you do in that holiday of about 3 months after SLC? Did you join some computer classes or take entrance preparation course? Or you didn’t do anything besides enjoying your holidays. If you really took some entrance course at that time, you know that had helped you in your entrance exam for +2 and that had increased your knowledge. If you didn’t do anything at that gap, you probably regret when you think about that. You will also have some gap of several months just after NEB exam. What I mean to say is you should not waste that holiday gap. You can have fun but you should also utilize that holiday gap for your betterment.


Go through the following points that will help you to know what to do after NEB exam:

  • You should choose the field of study according to your interest.
  • Utilize the holiday gap after NEB exam by indulging yourself to some computer classes. Computer is essential for anyone these days.
  • If you want to be admitted in some top colleges or universities after NEB, then you have to take some entrance preparation course. The top colleges will choose students according to the student’s performance in entrance exam.
  • If you want to get scholarship, then you take some entrance preparation course and prepare yourself for the entrance exam of colleges and universities.

This is the world of competition. In every field, the competition is rising and you have to be smart to thrive in this world. It’s good for you if you don’t waste your gap of holiday after NEB exam. Hope this will help you to know what to do after NEB.

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