Windows 8 features

Microsoft is going to release its new operating system windows 8. Last year microsoft has released its beta version and now it is doing some modification and upgrades in it. There will be various new and unique features of windows 8.

Some of uniques features of windows 8 are listed below:

1. Windows 8 can be bootable form the usb drives ( i.e. Pendrives or memory cards) instead of CDs and DVDs. Which will be very cool for mini and notebook computers.

2. There will be a Window Store ( Like ITUNES of APPLE) to download various kinds of application compatible to windows 8.

3. It will be very secured and the new version of internet explorer ( i.e. IE 10.0) will be inbuilt with windows 8.

4. Lighting speed: Your pc will turn on at lighting speed and works like a super computer.

5. It can works in very low memory storage of RAM and Hard Disk.

6. It will have built in social connectivity features for Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks.

Many other features will also be introduced in windows 8. For this we have to wait till the end of this year. According to experts, Windows 8 is going to be released on November 2012.


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