Worldlink Internet is the best and cheap Internet Service

Worldlink Internet is really the best internet service provider. The speed and cost of Worldlink is very much effective and reliable. Worldlink is providing 256KBPS Unlimited Internet Facility for only 1299 NRS Which is the best price. More over Worldlink is providing 128KBPS Unlimited Internet Facility for only 875 NRS which is really cheaper in comparision to ADSL, UTL, Cable Net as well as others.


New update:

While comparing to ADSL, ADSL internet is fine. But During my period of surfing, I got lots of problems with ADSL. Though my telephone PSTN line was totally near to my home. I got lot of problem weekly. ADSL rate is 1017NRS with TAX.

Talking about UTL, UTL is totally worst Internet Service Provider. Do you want to hear the downloading speed that i used to had with UTL, its just 2kbps. Frankly telling, The maximum downloading speed that I got with UTL with download accelerator plus is 32kbps. If i had got 32kbps regularly, it would be fine, i would not be using worst word with UTL. The average downloading rate for UTL is 2kbps whatever they say. Stop thinking about UTL… Being more frank… I am near to tower of UTL..

Lastly, I want to conclude that the internet facility named wizooome is best, cheaper and reliable. It is currently providing internet facility in Kathmandu and Pokhara.


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