www.psc.gov.np Lok Sewa aayog Model Questions

Lok Sewa Aayog (www.psc.gov.np) model questions with solution. We have listed here the set of model questions for lok sewa aayog for free which are similar to what lok sewa aayog questions commonly appears. We regularly update and add questions over there to ensure a psc gov np question bank.

If you have appeared Lok Sewa Aayog examination and if you remember some questions, you can help us adding questions in comment section below.


www.psc.gov.np Model Questions

General Knowledge Questions that are asked in Lok sewa Aayog

2. How much distance is different from the two latitude?
Answer: – 111 km
3. Where the origin is from the Nile River?
Answer: – Victoria Lake

4. How many ocean are there in earth?
Answer: – 5
7. Which ocean is known as Triangle-shaped ocean?
Answer: – Pacific Ocean
8. What mysterious Bermuda Triangle must Ocean?
Answer: – Atlantic Ocean
9. What is the canal that connects the US and South America?
Answer: – Panama Canal
10. Denyuba river floods the world with many countries?
Answer: – 7
12. What continent is known that the new world?
Answer: – North America
13. Which country is known that thousands of Lake Country?
Answer: – Finland
15. America’s longest river is the name of the continent?
Answer: – The Mississippi
16. What continent is known that janasunya continent?
Answer: – Antarctica
17. The desert is not what continent?
Answer: – Europe
20. What is the world’s second largest continent?
Answer: – Africa
21. The world’s largest continent, should the Sahara desert which?
Answer: – Africa
22. What continent must Mount elbruja?
Answer: – Europe

Lok Sewa Aayog Model Questions

We have added more model questions for preparation of Lok Sewa Aayog. You can continue reading lok sewa aayog model questions.
27. What is the longest day on earth?
Answer: – June 21
30. The sun’s surface is called?
Answer: – Photosphere
31. What planet has more amount of carbon?
Answer: – Venus
32. What planet are called the two satellites Phobos and dimosa?
Answer: – Mars
33. How many percent of the total area of the earth’s soil is covered?
Answer: – 29%
34. How many days traveling to the sun on its axis?
Answer: – 30 days
35. What is the planet most satellite?
Answer: – Jupiter
36. At which speed earth revolves around the sun?
Answer: – 30 km / s
37. What planet is known as the king of planets?
Answer: – Jupiter
38. Janga Bahadur Rana, which district he died?
Answer: – SARLAHI
41. Who was the first person who uses the term biological technology?
Answer: – Karl ereli
42. How many kinds of biological technology is?
Answer: – 2
43. World first organic mushroom production technology. which country initiated this?
Answer: – China
48. Examples of production of Golden Rice?
Answer: – Biological Technology
५१. Nepal export mostly?
उत्तर :- Vegetable Ghee
55. What is the measuring device name to measure sound inside the water?
Answer: – Hydrophone

There is a good proverb “Sharing is Caring”. If you have more questions you know, please add up on the comment section.

www.psc.gov.np Lok Sewa aayog Model Questions

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